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Paul L. Troast founded Mahony-Troast Construction Company in 1928 and his son, John G. Troast,  joined the family business in 1953. In 1985 John and his five sons sold their interest in Mahony-Troast and created another family business. The combination of past experience, skill and ability allowed the Troast family to expand into Property Management, Commercial Real Estate and Development Services. Nearly 90 years later and five generations strong, the Troast name still remains an excellent reputation in the construction and real estate industry by combining a rich tradition of excellence with a personal approach to customer satisfaction. Troast Property Investments is a experienced leader in the development of commercial real estate with the objective of creating equity and value-based investment opportunities.

Troast Property Investments strives to develop value-proposition opportunities by using the professional expertise of a multi-generational company that has been anchored in the commercial real estate industry. With commitment, integrity and respect, we offer all parties the best opportunities to achieve their goals through maximizing efficiencies, reliability and trust.

Synonymous with top-level quality construction in New Jersey and Arizona, Troast Property Investments is looking forward to bringing their 90 years of experience throughout the country. Since 1928, the Troast family has completed thousands of projects that established them as a trustworthy source for commercial, multi-family institutions, retail and re-development projects.

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  • 9816 E Jasmine Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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